Change the form label font size and other css


I have a form with combos in it but the labels look too big.
If I use property
labelHeight 12
as per

It cuts off label view like in screenshot.

I applied style

.dhxform_label label {
font-size: 12px;
line-height: 12px;

and it seems to give what i need but will it break when you release future versions ?

Or is there something you would suggest? I’m confused why a property like that is provided if it cannot resize the label ?

Could you provide your form-structure with all settings?

Property line-height is actual anyway

Here is the form xml:


It seems like you have some custom css settings, even you have another font style…
Could you provide us a direct link to your project or completed demo on with a link to this topic.
Locally everything is fine

Oops that could be an issue since we have some client info even in our demo systems and I need to get approvals. Basically I need to know if there is a way to customize the form combos label font properties(by dhtmlx forms recommended functions) without actually overriding the css like i tried. when I used your label-height property it seems to trim the label. Thats the issue…

To solve you problem we need link or demo as I already said above. Regarding customizing fonts - you can change common dhtmlxForm’s css or add className attr to elements