Change the Size of the Ribbon when the window size changes

I know the tabbar does it


I am wondering if there is a way for the ribbon to do the same thing. I know the ribbon has the setSizes() method


There might be a way to do it somehow with an eventlistener on the window or something but I don’t know.

Method enableAutoResize is deprecated from 4.0 version.
There is no such method for ribbon, but how do you going to use it? Could you describe this situation?

I got using this snippet in my html page. Works when you load the page and then resize the window to be bigger or smaller.
The ribbon doesn’t stay the same size as the when the window first loaded, it now resizes to fit the window.


Could you provide us code snippets of your page with this ribbon? We need to know the logic of such initialization

window loads, loading the ribbon to be the size of the window and then I drag the window making it bigger (longer) and then ribbon stays the same width size. See attached image

You need to resize some its groups/items manually
I.e. with this structure

var data = { parent: "ribbonObj", icons_path: "../dhtmlxSuite_v41_pro/samples/dhtmlxRibbon/common/", tabs: [ { text: "tab 1", active: true, items: [ { type:'block', text:'Dept 1', mode:'cols', id: "item1",text_pos: 'top',list:[ {type:'button', text:'(Brief Description to Servise 1)', isbig: true, img: "48/open.gif"} ] }, { type:'block', text:'Dept 1', id: "item2",text_pos: 'top', list:[ {type:'button', text:'(Another Brief Description to Servise 1)', img: "48/paste.gif", isbig: true } ]} ] } ] };
you can use the next approach: = "150px"; = "150px";