Change time axis to other categories or units

In the scheduler, I would like to change the time units to several discrete units of varying height, i.e. labels of:

  1. AM conference, height
  2. AM assignment, large heght
  3. lunch conference, small height
    4, PM assignment, large height
  4. Evening assignment.

Is iit possible to do something like this?

It is major customization, which can’t be done through public API
If this requirement is a critical one - you can contact about product customization.

Can you give me some idea of which code to revise?

Please post the sketch of desired functionality, as I’m not sure that I have got it correctly

Vertical scale in day|week view is hour based only, and a lot of other scheduler’s functionality based on it, so there is no simple way to replace it with fixed set of units.

I think you have the basic idea. Basically the left time axis instead of displaying the time number, if on dislay the numbers to map to a set text, i.e. 07:00 AM would be displayed as “AM Read-out” and 06:00 PM would be displayed as “Evening assignment”. The undelying time could remain for purposes of sorting and functionality, but the labeling could be mapped differently for the day, week, and resources views upon rendering.

The only not-very colmplex approach is to use timeline view.
You can configure it to show weeks-days by the x-scale, and custom labels by the y-scale.
After that you can add code which will create a fictive section_id based on start time of event ( so event will be rendered in the correct section )