Change unit name going forward only

Hi All,

I am creating a resource schedule for car bookings. I am going to use the unit view similar to the sample: \03_extensions\02_units_view.html with a PHP/MySQL backend.

When a car is sold and a new one replaces it, we can update the unit label accordingly. However, we want to be able to keep the records of the old car. So for example if we have Car_A until November 10th 2010, and then replace it with Car_B, we want to be able to go back before Novemeber 10th 2010 and see Car_A as the unit label. But if we go forward from Nov 10th, we should see Car_B.

So I am wondering what the best way to do this would be? I read in the documentation that you can load the list of sections from the server side, are you able to provide an example of this?

Any help is very much appreciated.

You can load list of sections from server side, but still it will be a single list for whole time scale.
As for sample - samples\03_extensions\17_connector_units.html

If you will have on client side the info - which dates have which sections ( scheduler can’t store such info itself ) - you can attach handler to onBeforeViewChange event, and each time when event called - set new list of sections , which are need to be shown for date in question )