Changing collapsed layout cell appearance


i’d like to change the WIDTH of the collapsed cell of dhtmlxLayout.

When i initialize the layout and then hide the headers AND THEN collapse the cell the WIDTH of the blue part is 18 px (skyblue_skin) but i like to make it for example 5 px.

So what should i modify to make it working the way i want.


you need to modify dhtmlxlayout.js

locate line

“dhx_skyblue” : {“hor_sep_height”: 5, “ver_sep_width”: 1, “cpanel_height”: 26, “cpanel_collapsed_width”: 18, “cpanel_collapsed_height”: 18}

and modify “cpanel_collapsed_width”: 18 and “cpanel_collapsed_height”: 18 as you need.

thank you, Alexandra!