Changing Color between Calendars

I’m using different assigned colors for events on multiple calendars. When I move an event between calendars I need the color to change with it.

This updates the calendar event in the calendarSaveData.ashx.vb

Dim eventToUpdate = data.Calendar_tbls.SingleOrDefault(Function(ev) = action.SourceId)
DHXEventsHelper.Update(eventToUpdate, changedEvent, New List(Of String)() From {"id"})

My work around so far has been to change it after it submits the change but that requires that I manual refresh the calendar.

Is there a better way to do this?

check this article … the_server
You can see it in action in

Alternatively, you can assign colors on the client side with scheduler.templates.event_class template … _to_events
each calendar may use it’s own css classes for events, and this classes will be applied automatically when event is added to the calendar