Changing Date/time controls

The standard lightbox fields in the Time Period section are:

FromTime, FromDay, FromMonth, FromYear, ToTime, ToDay, ToMonth, ToYear.

How do I change these so that:
A) the order of the fields is different
B) the user can’t select ToDay, ToMonth or ToYear - I want to make sure that all events created start and end on the same day.

I want the TimePeriod to contain these fields in this order:
FromDay, FromMonth, FromYear, FromTime, ToTime

I’ve checked the select fields using Firebug but none of them seem to have Names or Id’s assigned. Is there any way of achieving what I want to do?


Unfortunately there is no easy way to change controls order.
As for blocking please check following thread - viewtopic.php?f=6&t=25659

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