Changing Date (View) in Scheduler


I load the date as shown on the picture with the following date syntax:

scheduler.config.default_date = "%l - %d %F %Y (KW%W)";

Is there a way to change this syntax later?
Sometimes i proof if that day is a holiday. In this case scheduler is readonly. This works but i would like to write the holiday in the header too.

Thank you

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Oliver Natschke

Format of the header date can be specified with the template function, for each mode of the calendar individually. So for the day view you can define following:var defaultDate ="%l - %d %F %Y (KW%W)"); scheduler.templates.day_date = function(date){ var text = defaultDate(date); if(isHoliday(date){//somehow determine if it's holiday text += ", Holiday" } return text; } … plate.html