Changing dhtmlxWindows header graphic

Ultimately, what I want to do is to change the header color of a dhtmlxWindows window.

I realize that if I set the window’s skin to say “dhx_blue” that the active header is determined by the graphic image located here:


Rather that replace the default graphic for this skin, I thought that if I overrode these classes in my HMTL file, and change the URL as indicated that this would load a different graphic. But this does not work. What should I do?

/* active window */
.dhtmlx_skin_dhx_blue div.dhtmlx_window_active div.dhtmlx_wins_body_outer {
background-image: url(“MyImgs/custom-header_bg.gif”);



you on the right way.
try to add !important also.

.dhtmlx_skin_dhx_blue div.dhtmlx_window_active div.dhtmlx_wins_body_outer {
background-image: url(“MyImgs/custom-header_bg.gif”) !important;

If this will not help:

  1. make sure image located at correct place and link also correct
  2. if 1) not helped - please provide your demo?