Changing Number of Rows (Wordpress Plugin)


First, thank you for this plugin it is perfect for what I need. However, I cannot work out how to change the maximum number of rows? At the moment it is set to 50 and I require 200, possibly more.

Thank you

Hi, thanks for your feedback.
You may change it in Settings dialog (top right corner of spreadsheet).
If Settings button doesn’t exist, please, make sure that you’re logged in as administrator.


Thanks for the answer, however I am logged in as Administrator (the original account made when I installed Wordpress and I cannot see anything). There are several Administrator users on my Wordpress Blog and I have checked two of them and I cannot see the Settings option using either of those logins.

Any suggestions? Is there a direct link you could provide me (ie. myhomedirectory/table_settings.php) or something that I can use to access the settings without clicking on them?


which plugin version do you use 1.0 or 2.0?
It looks like thare are some problems with detecting correct rights.

I am using 2.0 at the moment. Thanks for looking into my issue.

please, open file wp-content/plugins/spreadsheet/spreadsheet_data.php and modify it like here:

echo "<pre>";
echo "</pre>";
$conn = new GridCellConnector($res, $table_prefix."dhx_");

After that open spreadsheet page. It will output some details before sheet. Could you provide it?