Changing Row Height in MultiLine-Mode ?


Is there a way to change the row height when multiline is enabled?

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Unfortunately such feature is not available.


Any idea how i can solve this? I have some columns with really much text so i defintely need “multiline”. In multiline mode rows are so little that i’m not able to see the whole text if i want to edit a column.

Please, try to use the “txt” exCell type instead of “ed”. It has a multiline textearea as an editor instead of inline editor of “ed”.

I already did this but you also have a trick to change row height?
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Unfortunately such feature is not available.
The only way is to apply css to your rows in grid.
for example:
div.gridbox_dhx_skyblue table.obj.row20px tr td{

If you are ok with an ugly but workable solution; add a column hide it or make it’s width 0 wide.
Set the type img and apply an image of the desired height. Your rows will not go smaller than that image…

other simple way is to add this to your css

div.gridbox_dhx_skyblue.gridbox table.obj tr td {
    padding: 3px 4px 3px 4px;

div.gridbox_dhx_skyblue.isModern table.obj.row20px tr td{
    padding: 1px 4px 1px 4px;