Changing the cell value while rendering w/o changing org val


I want to change cell value visually on render without changing the original value of cell. I am trying to add a suffix or prefix(using some rules) to the value i render in the grid without changing the original value of the cell.

Is there any event that can achieve this?

Thanks in advance.

the common way in this case is to create a custom column type.
Here you can find a tutorial about crating a custom column type with the ready examples: … olumntypes

Thanks sematik,

But, I am very new to JavaScript
I saw custom column creation document as you said.
I am wondering where to implement custom column method.

My Grid creation code is as follows,

var myTreeGrid = null;
function getNewGrid() {
myTreeGrid = new dhtmlXGridObject(document.getElementById('gridbox'));
			myTreeGrid.setHeader("Tree,Plain Text,Long Text,Color,Checkbox,Next");

here i want create custom column type called cron (custom read only number) .
could you please help me implement custom column type.

Here you can find a working example with the custom column types demonstrating the read-only/editable number/date formatters: … ormat.html

Great sematik, works fine.
Thanks a lot…