Changing the date (not the mdy format!)

I have a problem, maybe someone here can help me with first your version info I’m using Scheduler 3.0 with Joomla 1.5.23

My question/problem is this I am trying to pull data from my events record when the date is the same as todays date. So I either need to parse the existing date data someway or create new event members to only hold the date “2012-04-19” instead of “2012-04-19 10:40:00” which is date and time. Here is my code that’s calling the data for me…

$query = "SELECT text FROM jos_events_rec WHERE start_date = ‘2012-04-19 10:40:00’ ";
but I need $query = "SELECT text FROM jos_events_rec WHERE start_date = $todaysDate ";

but again $todaysDate can not include the time as I need all the events for the day…

Any help is appreciated thank you.

you may use something like here:

SELECT * FROM wp_events_rec WHERE DATE(start_date) = DATE('2012-04-21');