Changing the proxy url

I have a calendar app that runs successfully while connected :smiley: .

Because the number of events accumulated can be quite large over time, I have it load the data one month at a time by dynamically changing the url of the data source and calling the load method. Essentially this enables a ‘paging’ function for large data sets.

It saves successfully to the server automatically because the save parameter is separate from the load url. But I don’t see that as an option when working with proxies. :neutral_face:

My question is, can I also do this with the dhx.proxy? What would the command to change the url look like? Would it be something like

var source = new dhx.proxy({
	  url: "./data.php?month=01", // for January
//new url
source.url="./data.php?month=02"; // for February

I think I’d rather retain just the one proxy because of how it will handle data collected while offline (rather than having to sequence through a bunch of proxies to ‘find’ all of the un-sync’d events).

Do I need to change the url back to the ‘save’ url prior to every save call?

Thank you,

try to use:

source.define("url", "./data.php?month=02"); // for February