changing the url for dynamic loading

We are dynamically loading events (scheduler.setLoadMode(“week”)).

We’ve appended some parameters to the URL to be able to filter our events using the URL.

This all works fine. However I’d like to add single parameter to the URL after the first loading. So the first loading would be ...?load=1&from=...&to=...
and subsequent loads would be ...?load=x&from=...&to=...


You can put the URL to the variable and rewrite its value before changing the view. In this case the first loading will displayed data from the first URL and then from the updated one.
Try this way:

var url = "...?load=1&from=...&to=...";

scheduler.attachEvent("onBeforeViewChange", function(old_mode,old_date,mode,date){
    url = "...?load=x&from=...&to=...";
    return true;

It seems like suggested approach is not working for me: even after changing the value in URL variable new requests are sent using the old one. Any ideas why or how to achieve this using another technique?