character offset in cells

Does dhtmlxGrid have support for anything similar to the character offset alignments that typical HTML tables have (exmple:


You can set vertical and horizontal aliment for the text in grid cell:

mygrid.setColVAlign(“top,middle,bottom,top,top,sub”); … tcolvalign … etcolalign


Thank you for the reply. Although your answer was very helpful, it does not quite answer my question. Let me try asking it in different way. HTML allows an author to specify character alignments in a column based on a specific character (for example, a period (.) in financial spreadsheets). What I am wondering is, does dhtmlxGrid support this type of alignment, or does it offer a similar alternative?

Thank you in advance.

dhtmlxGrid doesn’t have such functionality. But you can create any custom eXcell type you need … l_creation