Chart connector

Hi experts,
I try to made a chart (x:id,y:temperature) with data from a mySQL server using connector.
But somthing I do wrong, because the chart isn’t rendered at all.
I used the sample 05_line_chart/01_init.html and wrote a connector:

require("connector/chart_connector.php"); $chart = new ChartConnector($res, "MsSQL"); $chart->enable_log("chart.log"); LogMaster::log("chartconnector set-up"); $chart->render_sql("SELECT * FROM `m_temperature` WHERE 1","log_id","row_id,temperature");
and changed


//chart.parse(dataset, “json”);
Could somebody help why it isn’t working? Or help with a working sample?
The file chart.log is not created.
The debug window isn’t shown.
But a sample with a grid connector is wortking stable.

Code looks good, but

a) try to change client side code as
chart.load(“chart_conn.php”,“xml”); //lowercase for data type

b) try to load chart_conn.php directly in browser, if there is some fatal error there - browser will show error details.