Chart Does Not Reflect Database

I have an instance that I won’t be able to reproduce. There are a couple different places where my chart shows the correct date. (A user pushed a task to the correct date), and the database shows the original date. This has happened about 10 times or so, if I go and edit that task it will go through its normal workflow and save properly.

Do you guys have any idea what would cause that? Or how we could fix it?

v.4.1.9 Professional


it is hard to tell what may be wrong.
There are a couple of the most common scenarios which may desync client and server:

  1. client-side does not send the update to the server thus changes are not saved - it may happen if the server returns something invalid, which breaks the state of the client-side. In that case, you should be able to see a JS error in browser console and some kind of error in server logs

  2. client-side sends data correctly, but server-side fails to save changes to the db - it can be detected the same way as the previous item - js errors on the client, errors in server logs. If you use dataProcessor for saving changes action=“error” responses from the backend. Enabling connector logging may help in detecting the issue

  3. everything may be working correctly, and changes were reverted/overwritten by some other person who uses the app at the same time. If that’s the case - you’ll need to implement some kind of live update or reload/refresh data periodically in order to keep everybody in sync.

Possibly your issue is caused by one of these.