Chart images not updated when window resized

I have a number of charts (pie, bar, etc) that are attached to windows. It appears as though the image portion of the graph gets set upon window initialization. Once the window is loaded the charts can be made smaller and everything re-sizes correctly. If the chart is ever made bigger than its opening size the labels appear correctly but the chart portion will be cut off. I have attached an example screenshot showing the before and after.


w7= dhxWins.createWindow(“w7”, 50,50,350,350);
pie_medium7 = new dhtmlXChart({view:“pie3D”,container:“pie_medium7_div”,value:“#C_value#”,label:“#name#”,pieInnerText:“#C_value#”,gradient:true,padding: 45,shadow:true });
w7.setText(“Agent Current Status Summary”);

Try to use attachChart method:
dhtmlxChart/samples/09_integration/03_windows.html … ndows.html