Chart loading from XML - Want to make a Christmas present!

I would like to create a series line chart and single line chart from XML but I cannot seem to get it working. Could someone point me in the right direction for some working code that I might learn from? I’ve looked around the forum and an admin posted a file in response to somebody else but I loaded up the file and no lines load into the chart!!! Even though the files look good…I would love to make this part of a christmas present for somebody who needs it so if anyone has any code examples, or know where I can find them, of a single line chart and/or a series line chart loading from XML file I would love to see it!



here is the sample with series of bar charts and xml loading (xml format is the same of all chart types)

The examples of line chart and line series could be found in the chart package:


Lol! That’s the file that doesnt work. I unzipped it, uploaded it, and when I went to the page it was blank…am i missing something?


Do you open html page by webserver (http:// … )?
This sample works correctly

I hate to be dense but this just isn’t working for me…I tried it server side and it fired right up but now I can’t get it to convert to a line graph from the bar graph…what do i need to do to turn the example into a line graph from XML?

Thanks! I’m still hoping to get it done by tomorrow!


Here is the “line” chart demo. We’ve changed view property ( “bar”->“line”) and used “line”, “item” properties to define chart style (instead of “color” ) (32.3 KB)