Chart not rendering correctly in IE


I’m having problems rendering my charts in IE. excanvas appears to be loading correctly, the grid and bars of my bar chart are displayed correctly, but the text labels are drawn below the chart in a column, with an IE ‘missing image’ placeholder in the top left corner of the chart. I’ve stripped it down to a very basic example, with the same results.

In every other browser I’ve tried, it displays correctly.

I can recreate the exact symptoms in firefox by removing the CSS file, but I cannot think why IE would not load the CSS file correctly.

Any suggestions would be useful, as it’s starting to drive me crazy! :imp:

Strangely, I’ve just embedded the css file contents in to my main html page, rather than linked, and that seems to have worked.


IE limits the number of linked css files. How many css libraries are included in a page with chart ?