Charting Documentation (mistakes and requests)

Greetings staff and all,
Firstly I would like comment on a mistake on … parameters where it says

new dhtmlXChart({

and it should be dhx.ui(

Secondly my request.

For all examples shown on … area_chart
Instead of each graph linking to an image png, can the staff please change it to show a big TOOLTIP that shows the JSON data that created this setup.

I know writing good documentation is time consuming, so the next best thing are full featured examples which are missing for charts.

You toolkit supports fancy popup windows/tooltips style coolness, so please use your own toolkit on your own website in a cool way.

eg. Stacked Bar Chart is a little confusing to achieve, where as a supplied example would be super groovy.



thank you very much for the information. We’ve correct the new dhtmlXChart mistake.

chackedBar chart is initialized in the same way as bar chart with series - the sample is attached.

We’ll consider all your ideas. Unfortunately, displaying code snippets in tooltips is impossible in our documentation. However, we’ll consider other ways of documentation improvement. Thank you for remarks. (116 KB)

Hi, let me clarify by what I meant by ‘tooltips’, not real tooltips, but fake DIV tooltips, ie a popup rect region that contains the code examples. Far more useful than a link to a PNG , its not too helpful.

Some of your other docs contain small code samples/partial samples, thats what i meant , but in a popup modal DIV window.

Just an visual suggestion.

Keep up the good work.


we agree with you. Not sure about code in pop-up divs. However, it is possible to show sample code on image click instead of PNG.

Thanks again for good remarks.