Checkbox attribute name in xml is incorrect

Hi Guys, I was trying to reload the checkbox state from the DB and could not get it to work till I noticed that the attribute name in the xml returned by the connector is check=“1”. when I save the xml to a file, changed the attribute name from check to checked and loaded the data that way it worked correctly.

Here is the XML that DOES NOT work

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

Here is the XML that DOES work

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

Do I maybe have an old connector version, how do I check that?


Try new: … ndex.shtml

Hi Darya,

Thanks for that, but that brings me to another issue:

I include the Full js file in the head ( ) which works well. But now how am I supposed to upgrade the connectos.js file you advised me to download?

Any help would be appreciated as with the new 1.5 version of the connector nothing on my tree is working anymore.



Place connectos.js after dhtmlx.js.

I downloaded the latest connector for .net

the zip package is dhtmlxConnector_net_v15_120612. When I check the properties on the dll the version says 1.0.0? is that correct. I check the source out and it seems the xml attribute nam eis still incorrect :

dhtmlxTreeDataDataItem.cs line 39

        if (this.Checked)
            xWriter.WriteAttribute("check", "1");

It should be

        if (this.Checked)
            xWriter.WriteAttribute("checked", "1");

or the connector.js file should be different, not sure which, please let me know