Checkbox datatype definiation in database connector

I setup a checkbox field in a form. It is for input and update.

I find a checkbox datatype in database connector problem. I have error happen when save to database connector.

I guest that maybe checkbox datatype dfiniation in database connector problem. It is because other field is ok save to database connector.

How about this problem ?

What is the checkbox datatype definiation in database connector ?

My database is < MSSQL 2008 R2 >.

Can you enable logs for connector and provide log ouput for problematic operation ?


I provide a demo. I define a checkbox in a form. And use Form connector and Grid connector to load and save to database.

For database, I have tried to define the checkbox field to or .
completed demo.rar (294 KB)

There are two pictures attached.

One is error message of checkbox when save to database.

Another is database design, the two fields highlight are the checkbox.

For testing, I do the checkbox data type is then it is error and not save.

But I do the checkbox data type is and it can save but also only save value as .

I try to use <checked : “Y”> or <value : “Y”> for checkbox but they are not work.


I have find the answer. I set the default value of checkbox when selected. Then it can save to database. That can save for or in database type design.

Thanks for your help !

Best Regards !