Checkbox image in grid

Hi Support,

I’m having an issue with chekboxes in a grid.

I have a grid on a page that I have recently converted to loading with XML. The grid contains 3 read only columns that are checkboxes.

Previously I populated the grid using hard coded values with javascript. The images of the checked an unchecked check boxes displayed fine.

Now that the grid is populated via XML, it does not display the checked an unchecked images.

When investigating with IE developer toolbar, it shows that the setimagepath() command hasnt worked and the images are not in the location it is looking for.

I have tried using set image path and imgurl as per documentation but both seem to be ignored when the grid is loaded via grid .parse()

PS. I’m using IE 6

Unfortunately we cannot reproduce this issue locally. Could you please provide any kind of sample where we this issue occurs?