Checkbox in dhtmlxtree

I’ve enable the checkbox in a dhtmlxtree. The checkbox image in the unchecked state does not appear, but if the checkbox is checked, it shows the box with the tick.

My question is, what are the names of the icons that the tree is looking for? I guess the icon for “unchecked” is missing. The other question is: is there a way to get different icons for checkboxes?



All necessary icons have to be in the tree package.

The icons for tree checkboxes are:



for disabled checkboxes: iconCheckDis.gif and iconUncheckDis.gif

for the partially checked - iconCheckGray.gif

All icons are in the images/dhtmlx/xtree folder. Still the tree does not seem to find the iconUnCheckAll.gif, but it does find the iconCheckAll.gif. Can you please advice?

Tx, Theo

There was an issue with using new icons (from the latest tree versions) for the old tree versions.

Which tree version do you use ?

There is a special collection for checkbox icons. Please, try to define it before xml loading:

tree.checkArray=new Array(“iconUncheckAll.gif”,“iconCheckAll.gif”,“iconCheckGray.gif”,“iconUncheckDis.gif”,“iconCheckDis.gif”,“iconCheckDis.gif”);

If problem persists, please provide the sample to recreate the issue.

thanks for the tip. Even though adding the checkArray command didn’t help, I found that the name of the gif file is iconUnCheckAll.gif instead of iconUncheckAll.gif (wrong case on letter c). Now it is working fine.

I’ve taken over the development from someone else. Where would I find the version number of the tree I’m using? 


The version is defined in all .js files. For example: //v.2.0 build 81009