Checkbox in the Column Header

Hello All,

I want a checkbox in the column header which selects all checkbox in that column cells.

like we have Select All .Deselct all option.

How can i achieve this in code:

You can use #master_checkbox header shortcat.
Please find more information here … r_num.html

i got ur reply…but when i apply the code



It doesn’t work at all…

i have given a label already in my grid but i want a check bo instead of that…a check box is coming by writing HTML checkbox tag in the label but that checkbox is way to large in height and also the select all option is not workin in that …can u help me in this

To use #master_check box you have to include dhtmlxgrid_filter.js file to your page. If some visual problems occurs please send us screen short or sample where we can reproduce this issue.