checkbox "list" option

Is there any documentation or sample of how the list array option works with checkboxes? Is there any way to currently create a list of check boxes from a mysql database?

[] Sam
[] Julie
[] Aaron
[] John
[] Sarah

Where each check box had the name students[] (where it would post as an Array) and each check box has a value of their student id.

I have no way of knowing exactly how many students I will be loading from the database, so it has to be dynamic. I cannot figure out for the life of me how to do this with DHTMLX.

– Brant

It depends on checkboxes quantity from your server-side. You can generate yourself their quantity by script. To load form structure use method loadStruct: … adstruct&s[]=loadStruct

Trying to get something similar to what Brant wanted to achieve. Did anyone got a solution to this

Hello, tkazungu
Please describe step-by-step the expecting result and attach pictures with notes