Checkbox not appearing in new row, works fine in other rows

When adding a row in grid the checkbox doesn’t appear.

Grid.setHeader("ID,Make,Model,License Plate,Leased,Contract Expiration,Monthly cost"); Grid.setInitWidths("50,100,100,100,50,100,*"); Grid.setColAlign("left,left,left,left,center,left,left"); Grid.setColTypes("ro,ed,ed,ed,ch,dhxCalendarA,price"); Grid.setColSorting("int,str,str,str,na,date,int"); Grid.enableValidation(true); Grid.setColValidators([null,"NotEmpty","NotEmpty","NotEmpty"]); Grid.init();

Please, make sure that you add the value to a cell with a checkbox.
For example:

Grid.setColTypes("ro,ed,ed,ed,ch,dhxCalendarA,price"); ... Grid.addRow(newId,"text1,text2,text3,,,,",1); //correct Grid.addRow(newId,"text1,text2,text3",1); //incorrect

Thanks but row values are written by the user, I don’t add them using code. Can I somehow set it to “checked” by default?

Can I somehow set it to “checked” by default?

You need to set it’s value to “true” or “1”.

Can I do that in grid definition?

You may operate with the values of the row only when the row is loaded.
Please, try to set the needed values right in the addRow() method or using the setValue() method: … t_setvalue