Checkbox not updating database after 2 changes

I’m using v36 pro build 130619.
I have a grid with a dataprocessor connected to it that does my database updates.
When I click on a checkbox the first time my database is correctly updated.
When I click on a checkbox the second time my database is correctly updated.
When I click on a checkbox the third or more times there are no more updates.

I’ve set a breakpoint in the connector BeforeUpdate event and the first two times it is hit but from the third onwards it isn’t.

If I reload the page it makes no difference.

The only way to re-establish the update is to completely close the browser and re-start it. It then works twice and then stops (as above).

This happens on a row per row basis in the whole grid. i.e. Row 1 has 2 updates and no more. All the other rows in the grid are ok and have 2 updates but the third does not work.

What is happening? How can I fix this?

Here is my code connecting the grid to the dataconnector:
// ======== This is the connector to the database ================ //
routesDataProcessor = new dataProcessor(“Connectors/routesConnector.ashx”); //lock feed url
routesDataProcessor.init(routesGrid); //link dataprocessor to the grid
routesDataProcessor.attachEvent(“onFullSync”, function () {

Unfortunately the issue cannot be reproduced locally.
The checkbox updates in the following sample (also works with your onFullSync event’s handler): … _init.html

If issue still occurs for you - please, provide with any kind of sample of your code.