Checkbox problem and dataprocessor

I have a grid with a checkbox column and dataprocessor. I need that dataporcessor do not change it state when somebody hits the checkbox column. Is it possible? the checkbox column is just for doing some client-level operations.

If you are using not very old dataprocessor version, you can use next code.

    dp = new dataProcessor(url);

the parameter of command is an array of true|false values. One value for each column, true - edit in column will trigger dataprocessor update, false - edit in column will be ignored by dataprocessor.
By using such command you can set false for column where checkboxes placed, and they will not cause dataprocessor reaction anymore.

setDataColumns function is not working I’m getting a js error. My grid version is 1.5 proffesional. Is this function included on my version? 

It was introduced at one of latest builds, so your version may miss it.
Please contact us directly at and provide you ref. number - we will provide latest version of dataprocessor, which compatible with dhtmlxgrid 1.5 but already has necessary functionality.