checkCollision function always returning true

Hi there,

I’m using the checkCollision function to check whether an appointment chosen via an HTML form (outside of the scheduler) will collide with any other appointments, using the unit-view.
So I take data from the form, turn it into an event object, and call the scheduler.checkCollision(event).
But in any case, it returns true. I checked for appointments in other units, but that’s not the problem.
What else could it be that I’m doing wrong? Below is some code that I’m using to test the function.


var event = {
	text : "Chosen event",
	start_date : new Date(2014, 05, 09, 10, 00),
	end_date : new Date(2014, 05, 09, 11, 00)

var isOccupied = scheduler.checkCollision(event);

In order to check the event with units view, try to specify the value of section_id of an event