checked in dhtmlxFom combo

Hi All,

I need to generate a XML string from my ASP.NET web service. In the generated XML string, I need to indicate a “checked” state which locates inside dhtmlxForm combo. I make my XML like below:

But it does not work. I’m not able to find “checked” attribute in online document. Is there any work around?

Thanks in advance.

What version do you use? It must work in 3.5 version.

Thanks for he qoicj reply.

I’m using dhtmlxSuite 2012 Rel.1 (DHTMLX 3.5) Standard edition build 120822

Like to highlight again, I’m using combo which is found inside DhtmlxForm. I’m not using standalone dhtmlxCombo

Also they looks similar, but I’m not sure if they are sharing the same code or not.


try to load combo opts using “connector” attr


I have just made a simple demo code in order to show you my problem.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

As you can see, I have tried both checked=“1” and checked=“true” in the form XML data, but it just don’t “tick” the item as what I’m expecting. (658 KB)

Can anyone help on this? Thanks in advance.

Form doesn’t see checkboxes in the combo options.But if you load the data right to the combo, it will Ok. The is the parameter ‘connector’ in the form’s combo:
And you can use it being guided by it: … ta_from_db

Hi I Have the same problem, and in my case I can’t use connector. Can you help me please ??

w/o connector:
var combo = myForm.getCombo(comboItemName);
combo.setChecked(index, true/false);