Checking if Gantt auto-scheduling changes are pending

In our app, we’ve implemented a feature that uses the autoSchedule() method so that users that want to review scheduling changes can see what tasks are going to be impacted when the scheduler runs. This is working great except for one aspect: it would be great if we could use a method in the Gantt component to check if the scheduler needs to be run. This would allow our UI to let users like Project Managers know that an Auto-Schedule run is required. Does anyone know if this is already possible?

Hello Sai,
There is no built-in way to make it work. You need to implement a custom solution.
I think the eaiest way for that would be to auto-schedule tasks, save a snapshow of all tasks, undo the changes then compare the task data with the snapshot.

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Thanks for the suggestion and the response, Ramil. I think I might go down the road of storing a timestamp for the last time that Auto-scheduling was run and simply comparing that to the modified timestamp of any task that has changes to dates or links (which can be tracked at the task level). This will be faster from a performance standpoint as we have plans that 500+ tasks with links and deep hierarchies in real-life plans.