Chessboard with Drag and Drop in dhtmlxLayout

Hi Everyone,

My question is about dhtmlxLayout.

I need to implement a specific layout, like a chessboard (4x4, 5x5, 6x6, and so on), where all the squares have the same size (width an height). I know it’s easy to do with dhtmlxLayout.

My problem is to move a square from another position by drag and drop. What I need after this is to move all the remain squares to the left, like the behaviour of moving application icons in Blackberry.

Does anyone now how can I do it?

I am very thankful.


I’m not quite sure that layout is the best component for such use-case , there is no native support for d-n-d layout cells, and while it can be done by using low level dnd API it will require a lot of work.