_chikdIndexes null or not object


Under the code, somtimes, but not always, "_chikdIndexes null or not object " error occures.
I had debugged and found that In line 12 of the code
“ch_text = kou_grid.cells(rowID,j).getValue();” would not get the value ;eventhough, there is a value logically.

Why I can’t get the value and What wrong with the code??

var rowID = kou_grid.getRowId(i); if((rowID == "") || (rowID == null)) { // } else { var ch_f = true var ch_list = new Array(); for(j = 1; j<5; j++) { ch_text = kou_grid.cells(rowID,j).getValue(); if(!(j == 3)) { if(ch_text.length == 0) { ch_list[j-1] = false; } } else { ch_list[j-1] = ""; } } }

I had read this and the problem is similar to this, but not the same I guess.

Any help is thankful.

This issue may occur if you try to get value of cell with incorrect index.
Note, cell indexed in grid is zero-based.

Probably you should change your code like this:

for(j = 0; j<4; j++) {

Thank you for your reply.

I did’t explain about it that we have the reason(no need to get data from first column) to skip
the first column(cell) in a row. So the cell index start with 1.

However, fortunately, we had found a cause of the problem.
We use “SmartRendering” on dhtmlxgrid to displays previous committed data which is able to edit in grid.
Our program goes through all cells(rows and column) to validate and to get the data in every commit.
When commit botton is pressed, the program try to get the data from the browser, but the program cannot get some data
because of displayed data which is dynamically loaded(only partial data) by “SmartRendering”.