Child node error...

mygrid is loaded perfectly, i have used smartrendering.


mygrid first colum is checkboxes,

when its loading from db less than 20 rows means, when i right or left click on the row, in my grid first column checkbox is checked. there is no error.

but loading from db more than 20 rows means, there is child node error.(pic attached)
also checkbox could not be checked.

Also first coulmn have ALL button. when i click all button, all rows will be checked. in this case also less than 20 rows means working. but more than 20 rows means not working.

All check button code is below

function funcAllCheck() {
for (count = 0; count < mygrid.getRowsNum(); count++){
mygrid.cells2(count, gridColAll).setValue(“1”);
mygrid.selectRow(count, false, true, false);


if i remove smartrendering the above conditions working good.

i think its a total count problem. but i have tried many ways. i could’t solve this.

How to solve this problem?
please help me…

thank you.

mygrid.getRowsNum(); return total expected count of rows, so if you have loaded only 20 rows, but grid was configured to have 2000 rows - it will return 2000 and the iteration code will fails as rows 21-2000 is not loaded yet.

Basically, you can’t use code which iterates through all rows and dynamic loading mode in the same time.