Children Not Auto Scheduling with Parent Task


This is a one off situation, but I want to know what is happening. I use the gantt chart with multiple different projects and thousands of tasks are in my database. When creating a project yesterday - this happened:

I have verified the tasks in the console and my database, and the parent of all of those tasks( Pin Point Site, GPS Locate Neighboring Areas, Assign Separation Distance Buffer, ~~~) is GIS Evaluation.

So now what would cause this? Maybe i have some wrong features in my custom javascript that is blocking it. Like I said though - this is a one off, and typically my chart works.

can you please send me a sample of your data so I could reproduce the issue locally?
If you don’t have sensible information on the client you can copy everything as is in browser console:


and paste the result json here.
Or you can send me a data sample in private message