Chrome 18 slowness issues with barH Graph

Firstly great toolkit!! Keep up the good work.

Since upgrading to Chrome 18 I have noticed that my barH graph takes an extremely long time to load and slows all other JS on my page.

Whenever I disable the graph and navigate on other tabs (DHTMLX tabs) resopnse is as per normal.

However the minute I click on the tab that loads the graph, all other tabs begin to respond slowly (15 secs to load).

I have tried the exact same code with the following browsers and there is no issue:

IE 8, 9
Chrome 17
Firefox 11
Opera 11
Safari 5.1

Here is a code snippet for the graph:

var volume_chart = volume_chart_cell.attachChart({
	view: 'barH',
	radius: '0',
	value: '#volume#' ,
	border: true,
				top: 30,
				bottom: 30,
				right: 30,
				left: 80
	width: '1000',
		start: 0,			
	gradient: false




we have tested Chart and Tabbar in Chrome 18. Chart is loaded rather fast and tabs are switched too.

You may attach the complete demo that allows to reproduce the problem locally.

Hi Alexandra,

Sorry for my delayed reply, I have found that this is only an issue when using windows 7 and chrome 18.

What OS did u test with?

A quick follow up I have found that it is only slow when i used the following configuration:

OS: Windows 7, OSX
Hardware: Physical (i.e no virtualization)
Browser: Chrome 18

Please NOTE: Windows 7 with virtualization did not show any slowness.

I have tried turning off 3D Hardware acceleration and playing with the chrome://flags with no luck.


please send the compelete demo (with all necessary libraries). We’ll try to reproduce the problem locally.