[chrome issue] vertical scroll appears when no needed

I’m having an odd issue that can be only reproduced/seen from Chrome. A vertical scroll bar shows up when no needed and it’s overlapping the most-left column at my grid component.

I’ve attached a screen shoot. I would appreciate any clue.


Unfortunately the issue cannot be reconstructed locally.

Please provide a demo link or any kind of sample so it could be reconstructed

ok, here’s a link where you can see the problem I mentioned above.

tfhclient.com/ccs_docs/suppo … ix.cgi.htm

Note that when you expand the three the vertical scroll at the right most side overlaps the last column. It only can be reproduced from Chrome.


What version of dhtmlxGrid are you using? Try to update your files and enable auto width mode:

Try to use enableAutoWidth method

docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … eautowidth