Classic look of project timeline

Apply the example codes into latest library version, it doesn’t work.
Could anyone provide a link or code example to customize project timelines in classic look with latest version?

Hello Yong,
The sample has the latest version (now it is 6.0.7), and couldn’t reproduce any issues in the snippet if I copy the code from the sample:
However, that feature doesn’t work in the Standard Gantt version because that version doesn’t render projects:

If you have the Pro version, please check the following things to make sure that Gantt works as expected.

  1. Open the javascript file, dhtmlxgantt.js and check that you have “Professional” version. If you see “Standard” then it means that it is the free version:
  2. Open your HTML-file (or another file where you connect Gantt) and make sure that you connected correct file.
  3. Open “” or any other website that checks your time. If the date on the computer is incorrect, Gantt might not work correctly.

If that doesn’t help you, please reproduce the issue in the snippet or give me the steps to reproduce the issue.

It works, but there is a problem with a corner case: when a project has no duration (its start_date and end_date are same) -> the timeline layout is weird.

And could I view all updated online examples? do you have a page for them?

Hello Yong,
Thank you for providing the details. Yes, the project looks strange. But how do you imagine it should be displayed? It is possible to change what is displayed in the chart if you use Gantt API and Javascript.

Here is the page with all samples: