Clear Clipboard When Hiding Columns

What is the best way to clear the clipboard upon hiding a column in a grid? The problem is that when the clipboard is full with all of the column data and then a column gets hidden, and then a user pastes the clipboard, they will see the hidden column data (since it was on the clipboard before they hid the column). So I would like to clear the clipboard each time a column is hidden or revealed. I am trying the following but it isn’t working:

StdGrid.prototype.doOnColumnHiding = function () {    

for (var i = 0;i < this.dhxGrid.getColumnsNum();i++) {

if (this.dhxGrid.isColumnHidden(i)) {

this.dhxGrid._srClmn[i] = false;



this.dhxGrid._srClmn[i] = true;





Grid (2.0+) has inner event - onColumnHidden

          this.toClipBoard("");//clear clipboard
          return true;