Clear config old gantt before switch to a new gantt

I have multiple monitors that use “gantt” with different configurations for each “gantt”.
The problem: “Gantt” is using each other’s messy configurations every time I “switch” between screens.
Expected: every “gantt” will only use the “config” that I created for itself. Or “clear” “config” of the old “gantt” when I switched to the new “gantt”.


Video Issue:

Hi @truongnx,
Unfortunately, I don’t specialize in React, but I think that your issue is that some configurations could be changed only after gantt reinitialize: gantt.init(). So in order to fix this “messy configurations,” you should reinitialize gantt with new config after every switch between screens. Like in this snippet:
Also, you can use multiple gantts functionality(available only in PRO) and set different configs for each gantt instance, like in this snippet:
multiple gantts

Thanks, your instructions are amazing. It helped me solve my problems