"clearAndLoad" And "clearAll" are not working

Hi, I’m using dhtmlxGrid pro v.2.6 build 100722.
I try to use grid.clearAll() to delete all rows but when I filtered column 1 ( grid.filterBy(0,function(data){ return true; } ), all old data was appeared again.

I also try to use grid.clearAndLoad("./myXml") to reload all data. I have seen the new data was downloaded in Firebug. But the grid still show the old data.

I have enabled SmartRendering.

How can solve I the data clearing and reloading problem?


If you are using latest grid - then clearAll call must correctly clear dataset even for filtered grid. There is no need for any extra calls.

For older versions you can use

grid.filterBy(0,""); grid._f_rowsBuffer = null; grid.clearAll();