clearChangedState() function does not work with grid split


I am facing problem while using clearChangedState() function. I am using dhtmlxgrid version 1.5. I have used mygrid.splitAt(4). So if I change data in columns which are to the left of the split, it’s wasChanged property is set to true. But when I use clearChangedState() it does not reset wasChanged property of cells to the left of the split. Is there any specific clearChangedState() function to used for grid’s having split ? Pls help asap.

Unfortunately we cannot reproduce this issue at the current version of dhtmlxGrid. Please update your files

Does that mean this problem cannot be solved with version 1.5 and I need to buy the newer version ? :imp:

Yes, this version cannot be fixed with version 1.5

We have resolved the problem in version 1.5 itself. Would you like to buy it from us ? :sunglasses:

We already have version 2.6, so not, thanks :slight_smile: