Clearing the contents of iframe in Dhtmlxwindow

I have done a http post in a dhtmlxWindow using iframe:

w2 = dhxWins2.createWindow(“w2”,20,30 ,100, 200);
w2 .attachObject(“ifr”); = “ifr”;

Each time the page opens in the dhtmlxwindow, the old page gets displayed in the dhtmlxwindow for a short time and then displays the new page.

How can we clear the contents of iframe inside dhtmlxwindow so that the new page gets displayed without showing the old one.

You may use the following to set iframe src
document.getElementById(“ifr”).src = url;

I have used
document.getElementById(“ifr”).src = “about:blank”; = “ifr”;
document.forms.Post.action = “”;

But still the old page which was displayed earlier comes for a short time and then loads the new page.


please provide the sample where we could recreate the problem.