click on event often moves event (unit view)


I’m afraid I have another issue with unit view… :frowning:

When I click on an event title in unit view to activate it, the event gets slightly moved down.
This seems to be an internet explorer only issue (I use IE8) and only in unit view.

It occurs most often when clicking on the bottom side of the title-element.
It seems the event location is updated with the position the click event occured.

Can you confirm this?



Problem is confirmed. We will look into this issue.
Thank you for your feedback!

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I have looked into this issue once more and would like to add:
Behavior should the same for Units and Day view (or Week). Event should not ‘move’ if you just single click it. But if you have clicked and didn’t release mouse button and after that moved cursor just a little bit - it could cause event to move as scheduler would think that you are trying to drag and drop event.

With that information please check if that’s what really happening in your case.

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Hmm, actually the poblem did not arise today. Maybe some IE quirk that got fixed by rebooting?
I’m tired of IE, sorry to have bothered you…

One thing though:
When dragging events the dragpoint jumps to the top of the title.
Hmmm, how to explain…
When I do the mousdown on the title of an event, say 5px from the top and move the mouse downward for 10px the event itself will be moved 15px downwards.
This is transparent, as I see where the event will go before i realease the button, but it would be nice if in some future version the offset from title-top could be preserved and the event moved the same amount as the mouse.
Just an observation, no rush. :wink:



Yes, that’s a known issue (it’s an issue I guess). Scheduler moves events from their ‘top’ point and if you have clicked somewhere in the middle of the header then event will first drop to the cursor position to match it’s ‘top’ point with the cursor.

We have noted this behavior but can’t make any promises yet.

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11+ years later this bug is still present.

Clicking anywhere on the title (dhx_title) moves the event vertically to match the cursor. It can be reproduced in unit and week view, maybe even day (haven’t tested that).

Here is the example:

  • title swapped with body so it takes up the majority of the space
  1. Click anywhere on the title, start dragging and move your pointer a few pixels to the left or right

Result: event jumps to the mouse pointer or to the very bottom of the view.
Expected result: no jump of the event at all


If not the dhx_title is clicked and dragged but the dhx_body element, then it works alright and it even “fixes” the drag on the title! Once any dhx_body is dragged around, all the other events behave as expected even if dragged by title.


Hi @fxfn,

The current behavior was considered not as an issue, but as a correct scheduler behavior and a part of current logic. Many project lies on it, but I will resend this info to the dev team, and they will consider on adding config to change this behavior. I’ll post any updates on this thread.

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Hi @Siarhei,

Hm… Could you please elaborate what you mean by “correct behavior”?

Because either this “jump behavior” should be there and work consistently or shouldn’t be there at all.
You can easily test the consistency by:

  1. Click and drag on the “test” text (body)
  2. and then click and drag on the time (title)
    -> no jump anymore, and it won’t return… ever… no matter whether you drag by body or by title

When is such inconsistent behavior desirable? What am I missing?
Can you please pinpoint which section of code is responsible for this?
Thank you.

PS: I will also add that from an end-user point of view this jumping is simply bad. I expect it to move with the movement of my mouse and not jump to the pointer right away. What if I wanted to move it by 5 minutes but it jumps 5 hrs?

This is not really an issue in your demos because the title el is always above the body el and is really narrow so it is hardly ever dragged. But it is 100% reproducible in your demo apps.


Hi @fxfn,

Sorry for the incontinence, it’s really being an issue, that is part of the old scheduler’s logic(when events were dragged only for by their title, and drag position comes to its top). It should already be fixed(looks like not completely).
I sent the request to a dev team, and they will work on a fix, unfortunately there is no ETA. The expected behavior after fix - no event jumping at all.

Kind regards,