Clicking folder in tree - Needs link to div using javascript



I have the javascript, that is not an issue here, the issue is adding the code to the tree folders


I want to click a tree container and have it pass the following off which will feed into a div


<img src=modules/<?php echo $org_mods_row[modvar];?>/images/QL_messages.gif border=0>


The item main is my div and I am trying to send it 'modules/[modvar]/main.php


I figured I would use an onclick event but hadn’t much luck using it to pass off


Sorry for flooding the KB with of my questions of late, I’m in a tight timeline to build this and trying to convert a finished product from frames / iframes to ajax in 15 days is not fun






If I understood you correctly , it can be done similar to next

    ajaxpagefetcher.load(‘main’, ‘modules/<?php echo $org_mods_row[modvar];?>/main.php’, true);