Clicking Map does nothing

Here is the code for initialising the scheduler

public ActionResult Index()
var scheduler = new DHXScheduler(this);
scheduler.EnableDataprocessor = true;
scheduler.Skin = DHXScheduler.Skins.Glossy;
scheduler.InitialDate = DateTime.Now;
scheduler.Config.drag_move = false;
scheduler.Config.drag_resize = true;
scheduler.Config.drag_create = false;
scheduler.LoadData = true;
scheduler.Config.first_hour = 8;
scheduler.Config.last_hour = 18;
scheduler.Data.DataProcessor.UpdateFieldsAfterSave = true;
string selecteduser = “cearnshaw”;
MapView map = new MapView();
scheduler.Data.Loader.AddParameters(new Dictionary<string, object> { { “assignedto”, selecteduser } });
scheduler.Views[0].Filter.Rules.Add(new Rule(“assignedto”, Operator.Equals, selecteduser));
scheduler.Views[1].Filter.Rules.Add(new Rule(“assignedto”, Operator.Equals, selecteduser));
scheduler.Views[2].Filter.Rules.Add(new Rule(“assignedto”, Operator.Equals, selecteduser));
scheduler.Views[3].Filter.Rules.Add(new Rule(“assignedto”, Operator.Equals, selecteduser));

        return PartialView(scheduler);

Clicking on the map button does nothing unless i click on it whilst in the month view, then it throws an error
(TypeError: a is undefined ,u=t.getElementsByName(n[1]),i=0,f=u.length;i<f;i++)u[i].getAttribute(“name”)==…).

Could you please tell me what is going wrong.



i’ve pasted your code into “Scheduler with SignalR” example and couldn’t reproduce the problem. Map and month buttons works correctly, maybe the problem is related to something else on the page
can you attach more complete demo?

I shall try to attach a demo at some point.

The error i get within Firebug is google is not defined when the client script is loading up the maps button. Does this help?


it usually means that google api script hasn’t been loaded. Scheduler add’s this script automatically when you add map view:[code]

can it be blocked by your proxy settings?

Thanks, it is now viewable. However, there are no pointers where events are taking place still

Does the map centers on event location when you double click event in a list? If not - make sure that events have .lat and .lng properties with valid coordinates.
If map centers on event location but not showing marker please check the browser console for error messages