client hardware requirements


Do you have any recommendations/experience about client hardware (CPU,RAM,GraphicsCard,free disk space,browser cache size) to render DhtmlxGrid in IE6 (PC) or Safari 4.0 (Mac) with about 100-200 rows and 30 - 40 columns in 1-3 seconds (time for browser rendering only)?

I know the question is difficult to answer, but may be you can give some advise.

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there aren’t any special hardware requirements.

If smart rendering mode is enabled, these number of rows and columns will be loaded in 1-3 seconds. … tatic.html

We have not exact numbers about hardware , but any PC box, which was produced in last 4 years must be enough ( probably same for Mac )
It may work for older hardware as well. ( component has not problems to render on iPhone or netbooks, which are comparable slow, in relation to desctops )